Maneater Saxophone Solo Transcription

I had to learn this for an 80’s themed Halloween thing I did this year.


This is the tenor saxophone solo on Maneater by Hall & Oates : Maneater Saxophone Solo – Tenor Saxophone

By  request here is an ‘Eb’ (alto sax) Version Maneater Saxophone Solo – Alto Saxophone


By request, here is a version transposed down a whole step.

Concert part:  Maneater Saxophone Solo -concert part

Bb Part:  Maneater Saxophone Solo – Tenor Saxophone

Major Scales for Saxophone

Here are all the major scales for saxophone. They are written out one octave ascending and descending. The whole range of the saxophone from ‘low-Bb’ to ‘high-F# (Gb)’ is covered. You can download the pdf file below.

For scales that have the same fingering but different names, i.e Gb major and F# major both versions are written.

**A note on practicing. All the scales should be memorized and played two octaves where possible.

Download: major-scales-one-octave