Maneater Saxophone Solo Transcription

I had to learn this for an 80’s themed Halloween thing I did this year.


This is the tenor saxophone solo on Maneater by Hall & Oates : Maneater Saxophone Solo – Tenor Saxophone

By  request here is an ‘Eb’ (alto sax) Version Maneater Saxophone Solo – Alto Saxophone


By request, here is a version transposed down a whole step.

Concert part:  Maneater Saxophone Solo -concert part

Bb Part:  Maneater Saxophone Solo – Tenor Saxophone

Matt is saxophonist from northern NJ. He has been teaching private lessons for close to 2 decades.


  1. I have just reached maneater, after a long absence of listening to hall and oates… I remember this song coming up on video jukebox in the 80’s on HBO. I was one of those kids that was the victim of peer pressures of the time and to only listen to hard rock, etc. As I have mellowed with age, I watch all sorts of videos with my friends on Saturday nights in my garage / mancave. I have a pretty great sound system in there too. I had to listen to maneater 3 times in a row because of the sax. That thing is just bawling in that song! Oh my god, such a great great piece of music. Thanks Shooby for making my musical taste buds explode. I am going to go out there and give it a listen right now. Cannot get enough.

  2. Thank you so much for the scores!! Really facilitated to be precise with phrases…seems simple, but at the end the “just like it” effect is not so easy!
    Best regards

  3. Was looking for a version of this solo 1 whole step down from original recording.
    We tune down a whole step . It’s for a friend who wants to play but can’t figure it by a ear. Is this possible? Thanks so much,

    1. Hi Louie,

      That’s no problem. I can post that for you. Just to make sure I give you the right thing, do you want it down a whole step in concert key or transposed for Tenor sax?

      1. That’s awesome! Not sure. I’m thinking concert key? I’ll admit I don’t read sheet music, I play by ear. I learned the guitar and bass parts as per the original recorded version . The sax solo starts on the B minor to -A major section-Etc.. Our version is a whole step down from the recording so the sax solo section would start on A minor to-G major etc..
        Thanks for checking back,

        1. Alright I added a concert part and a Bb part of the solo transposed down a step. I hope that’s what you are looking for.

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