Alone Together Chorus – 6-28-11

This one is more of a transcription of myself then a written out solo exercise. There are  definitely some challenging parts of the solo. But it is a cool one to check out.

I didn’t consciously think of it while I was playing but after listening back I was really drawing inspiration from Michael Brecker’s Recording of Midnight Voyage from the album Tales From The Hudson. The feel of the tune is a slow hard swing.

the “+” signs above notes in measures 31, 32, and 34 indicate the use of a false fingering.

“A” – finger a regular “A” and add fingers “1-2-3” in the right hand.

“C” – While playing a regular “C” add fingers “1 and 3” in the left hand and fingers “1-2-3”, in the right hand. Basically you playing a “low C” fingering but getting the C overtone above it.

“Bb” – While playing a “Bb” add your fingers to make a “low Bb”. “2-3-4”, left – “1-2-3-4”, right

Recording: Alone-Together

Tenor Sax Music: Alone-Together-Solo

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